2/28/2018MRC Meeting
2/28/2018AG&F Meeting
2/28/2018Board of Directors Meeting
3/20/2018NRWG/NSRF Joint Meeting
3/22/2018Talk with Texas RE
4/17/2018Spring 2018 Standards and Compliance Workshop
4/18/2018NRWG/NSRF Joint Meeting
5/15/2018NRWG/NSRF Joint Meeting
5/17/2018Talk with Texas RE
5/23/2018MRC Meeting
5/23/2018AG&F Meeting
5/23/2018Board of Directors Meeting
6/20/2018NRWG/NSRF Joint Meeting
6/21/2018Talk with Texas RE
7/17/2018NRWG/NSRF Joint Meeting
7/18/20182018 Compliance 101 Workshop