9/7/2017ERCOT and Texas RE Generator Winter Weatherization Workshop
9/8/2017MRC Conference Call
9/14/2017BAL-001-TRE-1 Technical Conference
9/21/2017Talk with Texas RE
9/26/2017NRWG/NSRF Joint Meeting
10/2/2017Texas RE & GCPA-Compliance Basics: What You Need to Know as a Market Participant
10/12/2017Fall Standards & Compliance Workshop
10/24/2017NRWG/NSRF Joint Meeting
11/16/2017Talk with Texas RE
12/6/2017MRC Meeting
12/6/2017Audit, Governance & Finance Committee
12/6/2017Board of Directors Meeting
12/14/2017Talk with Texas RE
12/20/2017NRWG/NSRF Joint Meeting
2/28/2018MRC Meeting
2/28/2018AG&F Meeting