Texas RE Seeking Nominations for NERC Compliance and Certification Committee Representative
Nominations due January 16, 2019

Texas RE is seeking nominations from stakeholders for an individual to represent Texas RE in the Segment 11 – Regional Entity seat on the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Compliance and Certification Committee (CCC).

This process is governed by the Texas RE Regional Entity Nomination Procedure for NERC Standing Committees

To submit a nomination, please complete the nomination form, available on the Texas RE website, and send to information@texasre.org.   Nominations are being accepted for a 14-day period beginning January 2, 2019, through January 16, 2019.  The Texas RE Member Representatives Committee (MRC) will review the submitted nominations and select a nominee to present to the Texas RE CEO for approval during its conference call on January 25, 2019.  Following approval by the Texas RE MRC and CEO, the nominee will be submitted to the NERC Board of Trustees for approval.

Individuals may nominate themselves.  Nominees must be officers, employees, or directors of NERC registered entities within the ERCOT region, or such entities' parent, subsidiary, or other affiliate. 

The approved representative is expected to provide brief updates on the Standing Committee activities at each Texas RE MRC meeting. For more information about the CCC, please see the NERC CCC page

Please send any questions information@texasre.org.