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Texas RE's annual testing of BC. 

The 2018 Texas RE membership term runs from November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018.  Membership in Texas RE is open to any entity that is a user, owner, or operator of the ERCOT region Bulk Power System and qualifies for one of the six membership sectors.  All eligible entities are encouraged to become members of Texas RE.  As a member, your organization will have the opportunity to vote on matters including Texas RE's Bylaws and Texas RE's Independent Directors.  Additionally, members have the opportunity to serve on the Member Representatives Committee (MRC), which provides advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to annual budgets, business plans and funding mechanisms, matters relevant to the reliability of the ERCOT Bulk Power System, and other matters pertinent to Texas RE's purpose and operations.  For more information on the rights and duties of Texas RE members, please see the Membership section in About Us.  There is no cost to be a member of Texas RE.

There is one upcoming item that the 2018 membership will vote on:

  • The term of Independent Director Fred Day is set to expire at the end of 2017.  The Texas RE membership will be voting on the Nominating Committee's recommendation to elect Mr. Day to serve another three-year term.

In order to participate in this vote, membership must be renewed or reaffirmed, or completed if it is a new registration, by October 27, 2017.

Renewal of Current Members

The current term of membership in Texas RE expires on October 31, 2017.  The primary and secondary contacts for current members were sent a prepopulated membership form today via email.  Please return the form to information@texasre.org with any updates. Since all previous members have a signed membership agreement on file, please check the box to confirm continued agreement.  For reference, the list of 2017 member companies is posted here.

New Members

If your organization qualifies for one of the six Texas RE membership sectors, it is eligible to become a member of Texas RE.  Affiliated companies that are separate legal entities may each be individual members of Texas RE.  If your organization is interested in joining Texas RE as a NEW member, please have one individual from the organization complete and submit the Membership Application, as follows:

  • Complete the Membership Application (found under Membership on the About Us page of www.texasre.org).  Complete the form without altering it in any other way;
  • Send the completed Membership Application to information@texasre.org; and
  • After your Membership Application is received, you will be sent a Membership Agreement for review and signature.

Thank you for considering membership in Texas RE.  Please contact us at information@texasre.org with any questions.