Compliance Announcement
2019 ERO Enterprise Periodic Data Submittals Schedule Now Posted

As a Compliance Enforcement Authority (CEA), Texas RE requires Periodic Data Submittals in accordance with the schedule stated in the applicable Reliability Standards, as established by the CEA, or as needed, in accordance with the NERC Rules of Procedure (RoP), Appendix 4C Section 3.6.  The 2019 ERO Enterprise Periodic Data Submittals Schedule is now posted on the Texas RE website under Compliance, and on NERC's website under Compliance Resource Documents. This schedule was collectively developed by NERC and the Regional Entities.

Changes from the 2018 to 2019 schedules include transitioning to EOP-004-4 (from EOP-004-3) and EOP-008-2 (from EOP-008-1). The remainder of the schedule continues to have both periodic and event driven requests. Texas RE uses webCDMS for all periodic submissions, including notification and intake. Event driven submissions are tendered by following instructions found on Texas RE's website on the Compliance page.

Please contact Texas RE Compliance with any questions.