Texas RE offers training on a variety of compliance- and standards-related topics. Workshops and seminars are announced to subscribers of the Texas RE Information mailing list. To subscribe to our mailing list please visit Texas RE Mailing Lists.

For questions about training, please contact Texas RE Information.

Texas RE hosts several workshops for registered entities throughout the year, including bi-annual Standards and Compliance workshops, annual Compliance 101 workshops, annual Generator Winter Preparedness workshops, and other workshops as needed. The purpose of these workshops is for registered entities in the Texas RE Region to learn more about compliance topics related to compliance with NERC Reliability Standards, ongoing efforts related to reliability, Protocol Compliance, and updates on various NERC and Regional Entity initiatives, as well as to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to connect with each other.

Specific information about workshops is posted on the calendar. Workshop announcements are sent to subscribers of the Information mailing list as well as the Primary Compliance Contacts (PCC) and Alternate PCCs for each registered entity. Visit the Texas RE Mailing Lists to subscribe.

Requests for Continuing Hours Certification

Texas RE does not offer Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) for any of its workshops or trainings. However, upon request, Texas RE will provide a Confirmation of Attendance Letter (Letter), which confirms workshop attendance and the number of training hours provided.

In-person attendees must sign in on a specific sheet that includes times in and out. Signing in on this sheet constitutes a request for the Letter.

Webinar attendees must request a Letter within 90 days of the workshop. Requests should be sent to Texas RE Information. Webinar attendees will be verified via reports from GoToWebinar. Once the requestor’s attendance is verified, Texas RE will email a Letter to the requestor within five business days of receipt of the request.

Texas RE reserves the right to deny a request due to insufficient information.

To help facilitate a learning environment and promote reliability excellence, Texas RE holds monthly, and as-needed, Talk with Texas RE conference calls and webinars with and among registered entities, to provide information and answer questions about reliability and compliance issues.

Information about specific Talk with Texas RE events is available on the calendar.

As part of its facilitation of a learning environment, Texas RE develops and disseminates lessons learned from events, compliance processes, dismissals, and trends to the industry within the Texas RE Region. Lessons learned and event observations are posted below.

If stakeholders have lessons learned they would like to share with the industry, please send them to Texas RE Information.

Disclaimer: The sole purpose of the lessons learned and observations is to convey guidance through illustrative examples from Texas RE’s various activities. It is not intended to nor does it create, modify, or in any way alter any NERC Reliability Standard or any obligation of a registered entity or Texas RE. Texas RE will continue to assess compliance based on the facts and circumstances of a given situation as applied to the relevant NERC Reliability Standard. The lessons learned and observations are not intended to define the exclusive method by which an entity may comply with a particular standard or requirement, or foreclose a registered entity's demonstration of compliance by alternative means. Implementation of any suggestions or recommendations in a lessons learned document does not, in and of itself, guarantee compliance with any NERC Reliability Standard. Rather, each registered entity is responsible for assessing and taking all necessary actions to establish compliance with all of the requirements of all applicable NERC Reliability Standards.


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