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Common Page Document Library

collapse Source of Lessons Learned : Event ‎(12)
EEA Load Shed.pdf
256 KB
February 2, 2011 Winter Event.pdf
320 KB
Generator Instrument Air Failures.pdf
292 KB
Generator Step-Up High Side Switch Failure.pdf
376 KB
Generator Step-Up High Side Switch Moisture Ingress.pdf
340 KB
Generator Trip Due to Low Auxiliary Bus Voltage.pdf
259 KB
Lessons Learned from Sept 8 2011 Southern California Event.pdf
1040 KB
Low SF6 Trip Logic Leads to Inadvertent Trips.pdf
258 KB
Misoperations Lead to Multiple Element Loss.pdf
397 KB
Outage Coordination Error Leads to Load Loss.pdf
387 KB
WGR Trip Due to Firmware Upgrade.pdf
267 KB
Combined Cycle Trips Due to Lean Combustion.pdf
270 KB