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Reliability Standards Committee

Chair: Andrew Gallo
Vice Chair: John Brockhan

Texas Reliability Entity Facilitator:
Reliability Standards Manager External Link

The Reliability Standards Committee (RSC) reviews and recommends action on regional standards and regional variances to North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards. The RSC, annually elected within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) region, is comprised of 11 standing members from the six Texas Reliability Entity, Inc. (Texas RE) sectors.

The RSC reviews Standard Authorization Requests (SARs) and subsequent recommendations for the development, revision or deletion of regional standards and variances. A Standard Drafting Team (SDT) then drafts the standard. Once drafted, a proposed regional standard or variance is approved by RSC.

The draft is then voted on by a ballot pool within the Registered Ballot Body (RBB). Each participating company may have one representative in the RBB.

If affirmed by vote, the regional standard or variance is forwarded to the Texas RE Board of Directors for action. Before becoming effective, regional standards and regional variances must be approved by the Texas RE Board of Directors, the NERC board of trustees, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Regional reliability standards, when approved by FERC, are made part of the body of NERC Reliability Standards and are enforced upon all applicable bulk power system owners, operators, and users within the ERCOT region, regardless of membership in the region.

For more detailed information, see the Regional Reliability Standards Process.

Visit Texas RE Mailing Lists External Link to sign up to receive information about RSC activities, including draft standard commenting and ballot periods, status of regional standards, and formation of standard drafting teams.

Texas Reliability Entity Proxy.docx
Form for delegating a proxy for Texas Reliability Entity
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TRE RBB Procedure
Texas RE Registered Ballot Body Procedures
(Nov 11, 2010 , .pdf, 113 KB)

TRE RSC Procedure
Texas RE Reliability Standards Committee Procedures
(Nov 11, 2010 , .pdf, 94 KB)

TRE SDT Procedure
Texas RE Standards Drafting Team Procedures
(Nov 11, 2010 , .pdf, 126 KB)

2016 Reliability Standards Committee Members
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