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If an entity registered with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) identifies a possible violation to a NERC Reliability Standard(s) applicable to its registered function(s) during a self-assessment or other internal review, that entity should self-report the possible violation. Texas Reliability Entity, Inc. (Texas RE) strongly encourages the entity to self-report; a self-report is considered a mitigating factor when Texas RE determines the appropriate penalty or sanction.

A registered entity that believes that it has violated a NERC standard should submit a self-report via webCDMS External Link

Although submittal of a mitigation plan to remedy a possible violation is not required until after the violation is confirmed, early submittal is encouraged. Submittal of a mitigation plan is not deemed an admission of a violation.

An entity that has submitted a self-report will still need to complete a self-certification as scheduled.

An employee of a registered entity may anonymously and confidentially report a possible violation on the Ethics and Compliance Hotline External Link site or by calling (888) 242-6340.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Texas RE Self-Reporting External Link.

Texas RE Self-Report Form: NERC Standards
(Aug 08, 2011 , .doc, 184 KB)

Protection System Maintenance and Testing Questionnaire PRC-005
This form should be completed and submitted with any PRC-005 self-report.
(Mar 01, 2012 , .docx, 142 KB)

UFLS Maintenance and Testing Questionnaire PRC-008
This form should be completed and submitted with any PRC-008 self-report.
(Mar 01, 2012 , .docx, 141 KB)

Guidance for Self-Reports
Guidance on what information registered entities should provide when self-reporting a potential violation.
(Apr 03, 2013 , .pdf, 92 KB)

General Info Request Template
Texas RE General Information Request for information about internal compliance program.
(Feb 27, 2014 , .doc, 205 KB)
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