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Texas Reliability Entity, Inc.
805 Las Cimas Parkway, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78746

Main Phone Number: (512) 583-4900
Please see below for department management contacts.

Main Email Address: External Link

 External Link

Texas RE Management
Name Phone Email

Lane Lanford
President & CEO


Email Lane External Link

Jim Albright
Vice President & Chief Program Officer


Email Jim External Link

Tammy Cooper
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary


Email Tammy External Link

Judy Foppiano
CFO & Director, Corporate Services


Email Judy External Link

Curtis Crews
Director, Compliance Assessments


Email Curtis External Link


Derrick Davis
Director, Enforcement, Reliability Standards & Registration


Email Derrick External Link

Mark Henry
Director, Reliability Services


Email Mark External Link

Paula Mueller
Director, Protocol Compliance


Email Paula External Link

Irma Bernard 
Manager, Accounting

(512) 583-4914

Email Irma External Link

Rochelle Brown Manager, CMEP Coordination & Registration


Email Rochelle External Link

Rachel Coyne
Manager, Reliability Standards Program


Email Rachel External Link

Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis
Assistant General Counsel


Email Paul External Link

Sarah Lewis
Manager, External Relations


Email Sarah External Link

Trey Melcher
Manager, Compliance Monitoring


Email Trey External Link

Cameron Moore
Manager, IT & Security


Email Cameron External Link

Kara Powers
Manager, Human Resources


Email Kara External Link


Brent Read
Manager, Risk Assessment


Email Brent External Link

Joseph Younger
Manager, Enforcement, Enforcement, Risk Assessment & Mitigation


Email Joseph External Link


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Texas RE Contacts

Please allow two business days for a reply from Texas Reliability Entity, Inc. (Texas RE).



Texas RE Information External Link

Send general requests for information and support.


Texas RE Complaint External Link

Send complaints related to possible violations of standards or protocols. Find the Texas RE Complaint Form on Complaint Analysis or Protocol Complaints.

To submit anonymous and confidential complaints related to possible conflicts of interest, concerns about ethics or HIPAA, or any compliance complaint, issue or activities that could involve violations of the NERC standards, please visit the Texas RE Ethics & Compliance Hotline External Link.

Other Resources Outside of Texas RE

To file a complaint about an electric provider, call the Public Utility Commission of Texas at 888-782-8477, or visit the PUCT Web site External Link

Texas RE webCDMS Support External Link

Send questions about the Texas RE implementation and use of the OATI webCDMS system.

Texas RE Records External Link


Send requests for records from Texas RE.

System Events External Link

Report urgent system events directly to Texas RE.

Texas RE Self-Reporting External Link

Send form to report a possible violation(s) of a NERC standard(s) committed by your organization. Find form, and read more.

Reliability Standards Manager External Link

Send questions about the regional reliability standards process, or submit forms to join the Reliability Standards Committee or the Ballot Body to vote on regional standards. To view the status of proposed regional standards, submit comments during public commenting periods, or vote during ballot periods, visit Reliability Standards Tracking External Link.


NERC Registration and Certification External Link


Send questions about registration and certification with NERC for the ERCOT region.


Texas RE Mitigation External Link

Submit mitigation plans to Texas RE. Find forms for mitigation planning of alleged or confirmed violations of NERC Reliability Standards or ERCOT Protocols and Operating Guides.


Texas RE Self-Certification External Link

Send questions about the NERC self-certification process. Submit self-certifications on webCDMS External Link.


Texas RE Cyber Security External Link

Send questions about security-related NERC standards, specifically the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards.


Data Submittal External Link

Send questions regarding data submission.



Send necessary forms to become a current vendor, or questions about procurement.  

Accounts Payable

Send questions about Texas RE accounts payable.

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Texas RE Mailing Lists

Subscribe to mailing lists at .

List Name



Subscribe to receive information about the Texas Reliability Entity Board of Directors and board meetings.




Subscribe to receive information on Texas RE news, activities, and training opportunities including the Texas REview newsletter.




Closed list used by Texas RE Member Representatives only to receive membership-related information.



Subscribe to receive information on Member Representatives Committee activities and meetings and participate in MRC discussion.



Subscribe to participate in discussion with the NERC Standards Review Subcommittee members.  The NSRS is a subcommittee of the Reliability Standards Committee.


Subscribe to receive information about and participate in discussion about the Texas RE Reliability Standards Committee and regional standards activities and meetings.

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Resources Outside of Texas RE

You may be looking for resources outside of Texas RE:

  • To file a complaint about an electric provider, call the Public Utility Commission of Texas at 888-782-8477, or visit the PUCT Web site External Link
  • To find or switch electric providers, please contact the Texas Electric Choice Hotline at 866-797-4839, or visit the Power to Choose Web site External Link.
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Use this form to submit registered entity photos for use in Texas RE publications.
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