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Find Texas Reliability Entity, Inc. (Texas RE) presentations on a variety of compliance and standards topics. Many presentations are from past workshops hosted by Texas RE; Texas RE encourages market participants to attend workshops and ask questions of Texas RE staff. 

Workshop announcements are sent to subscribers of the Information mailing list. Visit the Texas RE Mailing Lists  to subscribe. 

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Technical Feasibility Exceptions
(Dec 19, 2014 , .pdf, 1170 KB)

Spring 2015 - Standards and Compliance Workshop - Presentations
(May 12, 2015 , .pdf, 11870 KB)

Spring 2015 - CIP Workshop Presentations
(May 12, 2015 , .pdf, 4579 KB)

CIP V5 Standards Requirements
(Jul 09, 2015 , .pdf, 3217 KB)

CIP V5 Transition Update
(Jul 09, 2015 , .pdf, 1071 KB)

Cyber Security Standards V5 Revisions Extended V2-NS
(Jul 09, 2015 , .pdf, 2335 KB)

Cyber Security Standards V5
(Jul 09, 2015 , .pdf, 3395 KB)

(Jul 09, 2015 , .pdf, 553 KB)
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