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Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis

Texas Reliability Entity, Inc.'s (Texas RE) Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis (RAPA) program provides input to seasonal and long-term reliability assessments for the adequacy of resources and operating reliability of the bulk power system (BPS) in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) region, as well as review of system events and disturbances that impact the ERCOT region BPS.

Reliability Assessment

NERC Long-Term Reliability Assessment
Long-Term Reliability Assessments annually assess the adequacy of the bulk electric system in the United States and Canada over a ten-year period. The report projects electricity supply and demand, evaluates transmission system adequacy, and discusses key issues and trends that could affect reliability.

Summer and Winter Assessment
Summer and Winter Assessments assess the adequacy of electricity supplies in the United States and Canada for the upcoming summer and winter peak demand periods.

NERC State of Reliability Report
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) State of Reliability report represents NERC’s independent view of ongoing bulk power system reliability trends to objectively analyze the state of reliability based on metric information and provide an integrated view of reliability performance.  The key findings and recommendations serve as technical input to NERC’s Reliability Standards and project prioritization, compliance process improvement, event analysis, reliability assessment, and critical infrastructure protection. This analysis of bulk power system performance not only provides an industry reference for historical bulk power system reliability, it also offers analytical insights towards industry action, and enables the discovery and prioritization of specific actionable risk control steps.

ERCOT Region Assessment of Reliability Performance 
The goals of the Assessment of Reliability Performance are to illuminate the historical and overall bulk power system reliability picture, to help identify risk areas, to prioritize and create actionable results for reliability improvements, and to build on successes. This report represents the ongoing effort by Texas RE to provide a view of risks to reliability based on historic performance, to integrate many ongoing efforts underway, to provide analysis and feedback on risks and reliability trends, to understand the risks impacting reliability performance, and to understand the various metrics that provide insight to the performance of the bulk power system.

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